Multi Cad Environment

Challenges of Working in a Multi-CAD Environment

The good news is that today most companies in your supply chain are likely to be using CAD systems for their products. The bad news? At least some of them aren’t using the same system that you use. Even groups in your own building might be using alternative design software.

Unfortunately, when everyone uses a different system, you get inefficiencies and redundancy. CAD data needs to be recreated, translation problems arise, and design intent is easily lost.

Can we just get everyone to use the same software? Probably not. Industry experts have been talking about these and related troubles for a long time. The resources below are just a sampling of the discussion. Browse through to learn more about the scope of the challenges of a multi-CAD environment.

ineffeciency in multi cad environments

Inefficiency in Today’s Multi-CAD Environments

Engineers weigh in on their challenges collaborating across multiple CAD systems.

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ebook in multi cad environments

eBook: Multi-CAD Data, Unified Design

Industry analyst, Chad Jackson, describes how recent CAD innovations improve the productivity of designers and engineers who work with multi-CAD data.

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Issue in Focus: Consolidating Design Software

Author Jim Brown, independent researcher, explores how manufacturers waste significant time recreating product data using disconnected tools in the design process.

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Modifying Multi-CAD data with PTC Creo

Working with multiple CAD systems is unavoidable. Maybe you work in a supply chain that uses different CAD tools. Or your company uses more than one system as each department chooses its favorite software. And often, customers provide data in incompatible formats.

Fortunately, you can overcome many of the headaches involved in working in a multi-CAD environment with PTC Creo. Specifically, PTC Creo Flexible Modeling Extension (FMX), an add-on product to PTC Creo Parametric that provides a fast and powerful set of geometry editing tools. Use FMX to make changes to imported models quickly and easily.

The resources below illustrate how you can stop recreating old work and focus your efforts on meeting deadlines, creating new designs, and optimizing existing ones. Browse through. Then click Try it now to see if the PTC solution will work for you.

Introducing Flexible Modeling

Paul Sagar, Director of Product Management at PTC, explains how PTC Creo Flexible Modeling Extension (FMX) solves your multi-CAD challenges.

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The PTC Solution for 3D Parametric Modeling

More about PTC Creo Parametric, PTC’s award-winning product design solution.

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Repurposing Multi-CAD Data

A short video demonstration showing how you can incorporate and edit CAD data from other systems.

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Flexible Changes with the Power of Parametric

A detailed 60-minute webcast describing how PTC Creo FMX helps you change any design, preserve original design intent to Creo Parametric designs, and import data from other CAD systems.

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Choosing the Right CAD Solution for a Multi-CAD Environment

As you evaluate CAD modeling solutions for your multi-CAD data, you will want to develop criteria to measure each solution’s capabilities. How smoothly can multi-CAD data can be imported, manipulated, and edited? The resources below provide a great way to find out if a multi-CAD design solution is right for you. Review the CIMdata recommendations, and then download the 30-day free trial or contact our experts today!

Buyer’s Guide

Globally recognized analyst firm, CIMdata, offers CAD selection considerations for effectively working in a multi-CAD environment.

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30-Day Free Trial

PTC Creo Parametric with the Flexible Modeling Extension is available as a free trial. Import CAD data formats such as IGES, DXF, and STEP, and use FMX to quickly and easily modify geometry.

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