Webinar Replay: Windchill 11 Documentation for Engineers & Non-engineers

Webinar Replay: Windchill 11 Documentation for Engineers & Non-engineers

Don’t be jealous; non-engineers can manage documents in PTC Windchill too!

Watch this useful webinar replay to view and share “Windchill 11 Documentation for Engineers & Non-engineers.”

DTI Mechanism
See how non-engineers can manage their documents in Windchill through an existing Windows Explorer file browser.

Office Worker (Wincom)
Publishing office documents as PDF is a key part of a complete document management solution, however in standard Windchill this requires the use of the costly Adobe Lifecycle product. The Wincom Office PDF Worker is a Windchill tool that converts Microsoft Office documents into PDF representations. Specifically, it takes a Document with an attached Microsoft Office document and publishes this document in a PDF format. It has a standard publisher behavior (using the CAD worker) and it is very easy to install and configure.


  • Supports all Microsoft Office formats
  • Easy to install through setup wizard
  • No Adobe Lifecycle required
  • Extendable to support other document formats

Watermarking (Wincom)
Watermarking for Windchill PDMLink adds the possibility to watermark dynamically to any PDF content held on the system (such as primary content, attachment, representation…) without any need to republish. Current component version only supports PDF, but It can be extended for other formats such as images.


  • Dynamic watermarking on demand
  • Watermark added as the file is downloaded/viewed
  • No background processing
  • Easy to configure to any requirement
  • No extra license required for PDF support
  • Install and ready to use in minutes

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