Testimonials – What our clients say…

We are extremely proud of the feedback we receive from our clients, for the quality of our work and our commitment to their success. Our team’s Experience and Expertise continue to prove TriStar’s valuable support, but more importantly, customer prosperity!

David Liegeois – KI Green Bay, W

The TriStar TIPS & TRICKS presentation was excellent!  I have been working with Pro-E and PTC Creo for nearly 25 years, and the Tips in this presentation were very useful.  The presenter Thiagu went through the content quickly, but that wasn’t a problem in order to fit so much in.  He was enthusiastic, energetic and kept the audiences attention.  Excellent presentation skills!  One of the best in all my years of training.  Thank You.

David Liegeois – KI Green Bay, W
Taylormade-adidas Golf

Initially engaging TriStar for TaylorMade’s upgrade to Windchill 9.1 in 2010, TriStar recently upgraded us to Windchill 10.2: They simplified the process and had us full up and running with minimal downtime; This included upgrading all of our servers and DB simultaneously, a complex upgrade. They streamlined our sharing of files to vendors by creating a customization, which saves us time and protects our IP TriStar’s knowledge, professionalism and expertise is second to none! It’s been a pleasure working with the team.

Taylormade-adidas Golf
Roumen Dimitrov

We are so happy with the changes you proposed to IT. Performance has increased so much; it's never been this high since adoption of ProE, years ago.

Roumen Dimitrov, Hardt, CA
Peter Holst

I want to commend Brian Wilson for the support he is providing us. He’s been terrific in providing ad hoc support for the last couple of years. And he’s been nothing short of fantastic in the last couple of weeks when we’ve been prepping for 10.2, and also in helping us fight through some connectivity issues last week! http://tripleringtech.com

Peter Holst , Triple Ring Technologies, Newark, CA
John Condon

Tristar is PTC's largest Value Added Partner worldwide. They have a proven track record of providing Product Development Solutions to customers for over 10 years. Tristar's focus on customer satisfaction is paramount to their success. We look forward to many years of successful partnership with Tristar.

John Condon, SVP, PTC
Kennis Beck

I just wanted to let you know that we had an upgrade done on our Windchill. I also want to let you know that Heath was absolutely great to work with, very professional, and easy going, he never made me feel uncomfortable, he is really good. Between Heath and Krista getting all things coordinated, the whole experience was great, Krista is so nice, she is a real asset to Tri-Star, so is Heath. I just wanted to let you know that you have really great employees. Thanks, and have a great weekend.

Kennis Beck, Moridge Mfg. Inc, Moundridge, KS
Chief Design Engineer

First of all I would like to tell you that our PDMLink update engagement has gone well and that Brian is very good and professional. We will continue to use TriStar for these services as we have always been pleased with your work.

Chief Design Engineer, National Oilwell Varco, Provo, UT
James (Jamie) Braunschweig

I participated in the mentoring this morning. WOW!! Brian did a fantastic job. If I had known enough about Windchill to define what I wanted in a mentoring class, it still wouldn't be as good as what Brian did. I was extremely pleased. Brian is a great trainer.

James (Jamie) Braunschweig, Springboard Engineering (Now UL), Newton, IA
Jim Taylor

I just wanted to share some positive feedback for Steve Vinyard. Steve consistently makes sure he 'closes the loop' on all tickets assigned to him, and he does it with patience and in a friendly manner.Steve also frequently goes above and beyond the call of duty to help Westport be successful in our usage of PLM.

He does this by doing what-ever he can to keep a ticket moving without passing it back to me unless a business process decision needs to be made. Steve is a very significant asset to TriStar in my mind."

Jim Taylor, Westport Innovations Inc., Vancouver, British Columbia
Joel Fredrick

Just wanted to say thanks for initiating the meeting today. Me and Sarah were talking about how much support we get from TriStar and couldn't be happier with our decision to get WC. TriStar has done a great job and our "PLM stress level" has gone down dramatically in the last 6 months, mostly because of you. Job well done.

Joel Fredrick, Harmonic Somfy, Poway, CA
Patrick McCammon

Kyle has been a huge help. Oracle is AWOL and Kyle will be helping me restore a backup database this afternoon. I don’t know where we would be without his help. Thanks for your support and the Kyle connection…. we had three stations up all day with no issues. Huge thanks to you, Kyle and Tristar.

Patrick McCammon, SkySight Technologies, Fort Wayne, IN
Mike Morgan

Thank you and your team Krista, it was a very well executed project!

Mike Morgan, Brunswickboatgroup, Lake Forest, IL
Gord Mehta

I found TriStar’s seminar to be packed with very useful information. I took away a lot of tips and tricks that I didn’t know existed and their teacher was very professional and knowledgeable about the PTC products.

Gord Mehta, Stackpole International, Ontario, Canada
Chris E. Plattner

I found TriStar’s seminar to be packed with very useful information. I took away a lot of tips and tricks that I didn’t know existed and their teacher was very professional and knowledgeable about the PTC products.

Chris E. Plattner, Precision Planting, Tremont, IL
Norris Hayes

We are proud to acknowledge TriStar as the right solution for Hayes Industries

Norris Hayes, Hayes Industries, Sugarland, Tx
Andrés Arias

The main question we had here at Vizient, before the seminar was regarding the issue of opening Creo files in wildfire 4.0, and that was promptly addressed in the seminar. I also learned a couple of tricks I didn’t know even as an user of Wildfire 4.0.

Overall my experience was very positive and worthwhile. Thiagu did and awesome job managing the time and addressing every question in the room.

Andrés Arias, Vizient Manufacturing Solutions, Betterndorf, IA
Jim Taylor

Kyle and I talked about some of our tickets. Kyle has been doing a great job dealing with the fluctuations in ticket volume coming from Westport and other customers. Kyle does this by putting in a time when needed and no doubt other good time management skills.

Jim Taylor, Westport, Vancouver, British Columbia
Jim Pauletto

I would like to commend the entire team on a job well done.

Special thanks and commendation to Igor for all the extra time and effort he put in. Also, the users were very impressed with Thiagu from a training/support standpoint.

You and Stacey were great to work with also, If the price is right I may use your company again in the future.

Jim Pauletto, Cummins Allison, Phoenix, AZ
Diane Tran

I wanted to send a note expressing my appreciation for the work that Kamlesh Gosalia did in migrating the 2Wire database to IL 9.1. His knowledge of both the product and process was evident to all. We also appreciated the fact that he followed through on all commitments and accomplished this within the agreed upon schedule.

Please share my gratitude with the team at Tristar and know that we would gladly recommend your services to others as well.

Diane Tran, 2Wire
Jeff Cunningham

Just wanted to let you all know how very impressed we are here at YH America with our new CAD environment. Brian Wilson did an outstanding job setting up and configuring our new server and workstations with Intralink and Pro/Engineer. The training class was outstanding. The material was very informative and right on target with our needs. Brian did an excellent job recognizing our needs and providing many new configurations to our system that will be a huge time savings.

Thanks to everyone at TriStar who had a hand in making this upgrade a successful experience. We couldn't have asked for a better outcome and look forward to building our relationship with TriStar.

Jeff Cunningham, YH America, Inc., Versailles, KY
Joe Meehan

As I leave IDI today I wanted to take the time to thank the Tristar team one last time. In particular for the efforts of Steve Vinyard and recently of Kyle Tabor, without your efforts IDI would not be operating at the level they now see in the Windchill system. It does make me feel good as I leave to see Windchill in a good place and to know that its support will continue to be in good hands. Please work with Don Marx to offer him the great assistance that I have had the pleasure of enjoying.

Joe Meehan, Interconnect Devices, Inc., Kansas City, KS
Guy Maddox

I think the training went very well and Thiagu was very thorough!

Guy Maddox, PMT Industries, Surgoinsville, TN

Thiagu, you did a great job yesterday with the lunch and learn. We were all very impressed by your presentation and your Creo skills. It was very inspirational to see you demonstrate how a design can go so quickly from an idea to a cad model. I got a lot of positive feedback from the engineering group regarding the lunch and learn.

Annie, I appreciate your setting this up for us. Thank you for the cake, soda and other treats.

This is the kind of attention I was hoping to get from TriStar and I am happy to see that you delivered on Tuesday.

I look forward to working with all of you during the years to come.

Kevin Lubner

Thanks to you and or anyone reading these posts!!!

As of the 1/24/2013 with the great support from Stacy and David At Tristar Inc., my company has seen major performance improvements and all the products modules are working the way they should. As Brain has taught me it all starts with the install directory.

Someone at top needs to get this fixed right away!! This is a lot of unneeded self-inflicted hardship, that this product does not need at a time when big corporations are not moving out of WF4 or WF5.

I work directly with 3 to 5 major companies.

I corresponded with 3 of these companies on 1/25/2013. They were delighted to know that Creo 2 is really functional at our work place (finally). The parties involved were pushing for upgraded but were hesitating. This was the good news they wanted to hear.

Thanks again to Stacy and David (I finally found someone to work with at PTC (TriStar partner) that wants happy satisfied customers and seems to care less about selling me something.)

Kevin Lubner, Willer Tool Corporation, Jackson, WI
Don Giorgi

Hello Dwight,
I just met with Rick Foster and Sean Miller of PTC. Rick told me you [Dwight Griffith] were now the president of Tristar. I just wanted to express my congratulations to you. You were very accommodating when it came to helping me out with DEKA’s upgrades, you are very customer oriented and that means a lot to me. I speak highly of you and Tristar whenever I can.

Thanks for all the support you have given me and I look forward to maintaining a great relationship in the future.

Take care and again, congratulations

Don Giorgi, DEKA R & D Corp., Manchester, NH
Don Giorgi

Just wanted to take a moment and again thank you for the Rounds & Drafts lunch and learn you put on for us yesterday. You provided a number of people with good information so that they may better communicate their design intent through intelligent modeling practices. Shawn, if you could have seen the looks on some of the participants faces when you showed some of the techniques, it would have put a smile to your face because you empowered them by increasing their skill level in just 1-1/2 hours.

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your efforts and as Dwight would say, You do earn DEKA’s business every time.

Don Giorgi, DEKA R & D Corp., Manchester, NH
William (Bill) Clark

Thiagu, I appreciate you spending the time with us this morning. I know the questions were not very comprehendible and in some cases not complete. However, you spent the time and made an effort. YOU are a dedicated professional and I think TriStar is lucky to have you on their team!

William (Bill) Clark, TEL FSI, Chaska, MN
Rafael A.Longo

[I] just wanted to let you know that the training that Brian Wilson gave us on Tues-Wed-Thursday was very helpful and in depth. There were many topics covered and Brian was able to tackle each one of them. There is an open item with the Info Engine, for which, Brian has brought Serge in a conference call to support.

Rafael A.Longo, Mechtronix
Robert Childress

My name is Rob Childress, owner of Synergy Seals LLC. I would like to make a positive statement about Eric Hammons. His dedication to customer support for me was filled with Integrity, consistency and persistency. He has raised the bar in my 17 years of using ProE and dealing with customer support. I have had a very difficult time getting my new Creo license up and running for over a year, and Eric made the right contact for me to Mr. Oscar Salas, in which I would also like to state, Oscar raised the bar as well in customer support.

You have two great employees making you both look great and keeping a big smile on my very small companies face.

Robert Childress, Synergy Seals LLC, Valley Springs, CA
Robin Asbury

I want to thank you and Heath for a very smooth and successful migration project that completed today. With your help we successfully migrated two focus areas supporting Ground Systems (1/20/14) and Flight Systems (3/17/14) at Space Park for the Aerospace Systems sector.

It has been a pleasure working with you both and you made it so easy and painless. The schedule was met right on target and the knowledge, support, and professionalism was greatly appreciated. If we have the opportunity to work together again in the future I know it will be another pleasant experience.

Robin Asbury, Northrop Grumman Corporation
Paul Hammerstrom

First of all thanks for your help in getting us the new license. In my opinion you are one of the best Sales guys I have worked with since starting with PTC products back in 1999. You don't put any pressure to buy and you are very responsive with any questions and concerns I have.We are up and running with Creo Simulate and we are working on our first project now.

Paul Hammerstrom, Paul Hammerstrom Design
Daneil DelVecchio

I’d like to take this opportunity to highlight the advantages of having TriStar as our service partner for Windchill. From an implementation standpoint, PTC’s help center is virtually a waste of time. I have only once (1) found an answer to any of my questions in the help center using the search and indexing tools provided. I have therefore been forced frequently to rely on the expertise of Kyle Tabor and most recently Brian Wilson to help me find answers to my questions. Kyle and Brian are both easily accessible and do not shy away from short questions by insisting that everything go through the ticket center. To this end, there have been more than a few instances where Brian and Kyle have assisted me with no formal ticket to document this help. In short, I would very much be lost with them and the value I receive from TriStar goes far beyond the documented solutions in the ticketing system.

Daneil DelVecchio, Smith Connectors