Announcing New Laptop Winner of Windchill Reporting Webinar

Announcing New Laptop Winner of Windchill Reporting Webinar

TriStar is happy to announce the New Laptop Winner of Windchill Reporting Webinar!


Windchill Reporting Webinar

tel fsiJason Danner: “I work for TEL FSI, Inc. as a CAD/Windchill Admin primarily.  I started at TEL FSI as a designer in 2013, transitioned into CAD Admin in 2014, and then Windchill Admin in 2015.”

I thought the TriStar Windchill Webinar showed a lot of interesting details about how you can use custom reporting at virtually any level.  (ECN’s, Part reporting, Quality, nonconforming, etc..)” – Danner

For those who were not able to attend the WINDCHILL REPORTING webinar, you may enjoy the WEBINAR REPLAY, featuring:

  • An easy alternative to get custom, hard copy reports out of PTC Windchill using open source tools which can contain rich information for Products, Change Objects and Structures
  • Increase Revenue by taking control of the systems that allow Quicker Development of Higher Quality Products

Read more HERE to explore Solutions to Connect, Automate & Simplify the Data in Your Information Ecosystem!


tristar windchill webinar


aim windchill Reporting Webinar

tristar Windchill Reporting Webinar

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