ANSYS Discovery AIM

Integrated Platform for In-Depth Design Exploration

ANSYS Discovery AIM - Simulation for Every Engineer

Why use Discovery AIM?

  • High-fidelity, highest-accuracy simulation for detailed analysis of product performance.

  • The broadest set of physics in the industry including fluids, structural, modal, thermal, electronics, topology optimization, and multiphysics.

  • Intuitive, customizable and guided workflows accelerate learning curves for all users.

  • Simulations are run with proven and accurate ANSYS solver technology for detailed design validation.

Heat map on gears

What’s New In ANSYS Discovery AIM

Exploded Views

Explode Views

Visualize small details in large assemblies, and quickly find important details impacting boundary conditions and contacts between components.

Rapid Simulation Results

Rapid Results

Add simplicity and speed to your post-processing by easily interacting with your results and extracting your data faster.



Whether analyzing voltages or electric fields in high voltage applications, new electrostatic simulation workflows are simple and fast in Discovery AIM.

Physics Aware Meshing

Physics Aware Meshing

Small features, such as fillets and holes, are automatically defined with higher mesh resolution, saving you time and improving results.

ANSYS Discovery AIM Capabilities

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