CAD Consolidation / Perspectives from Lifecycle Insights

CAD technology analyst Chad Jackson, has launched a new video series entitled “Perspectives from Lifecycle Insights.” The debut issue delves deeply into the problems that engineers face as a result of dealing with too many CAD systems and CAD consolidation. It also discusses recent technology advances that can help engineers overcome those challenges.
“There has been a trend toward CAD diversification for many, many years,” Jackson said, “but there have been a lot of new capabilities for CAD applications that are starting to reverse that trend.”
Citing his firm’s recent ”3D Collaboration and Interoperability Survey” of more than 840 engineers, Jackson said that engineers are facing many interoperability issues as a result of CAD system sprawl. According to the survey:
  • 49% of engineers spend at least 4 hours per week fixing broken design data
  • 50% of engineers often have to work late or on the weekends
  • 32% have missed deadlines in development schedules
  • 29% have ordered incorrect parts

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