PTC Creo Illustrate Creating 2D & 3D Illustrations

Air Date: May 4, 2017

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PTC Creo Illustrate Creating 2D & 3D Illustrations

CAD & Simulation

Watch this useful PTC Creo Illustrate Webinar Replay, presented by Bogdan Cudzilo, Business Development Manager.

Enjoy this live demo of Tips & Tricks on Creating 2D & 3D Illustrations

With PTC Creo Illustrate You Can:

– Reduce translation costs: Replace text with illustrated step-by-step procedures, 3D animations, illustrated parts lists and other graphical representations
– Clearly convey complex information: 3D animations visually describe complex service procedures for easy consumption
– Increase illustrator productivity: Automate illustration change management throughout the service information lifecycle by maintaining an associative link to original CAD files
– Automate parts lists creation: Generate parts lists and call-outs directly from CAD metadata to produce dynamic parts lists