TriStar’s CAD Utilization Study is a structured set of interviews, based on an initial survey, that we conduct with the design managers, engineers and any other individuals using CAD tools (tooling or fixture designers, technical pubs, etc.) which in turn enables us to:

  • Fully understand & document a customers’ current CAD process, capabilities and the challenges there in
  • Identify a baseline and where the customer wants to be
  • Identify standards infrastructure
  • Provide a recommended solution highlighting both quantitative & qualitative benefits

CAD Utilization Study Process:

  1. Comprehensive CAD survey sent in advance
  2. Manufacturing/design facility tour
  3. Interview sponsor
  4. Interview design process stakeholders (20 minutes each)
    • Mechanical Engineers
    • Configuration / Doc Management
    • Electrical Engineers
    • Manufacturing
  5. Review current design process infrastructure
  6. Review current models and modelling practice
  7. Present findings and demonstration(s) to core technical team for alignment
  8. Develop cost estimate, ROI and phased implementation strategy
  9. Co-develop executive presentation to management for approval and budgeting

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Advanced skill building

Interview Design Process

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