ANSYS Discovery Live

Real-time Product Engineering Simulation

ANSYS Discovery Live

Why use Discovery Live?

  • Instantaneous simulation experience for rapid design exploration.

  • Groundbreaking speed and simplicity enable quick evaluation of design options before continuing with detailed design and validation.

  • Structural, fluids, modal or thermal applications in a single tool.

  • Easy to use and learn – engineers at all levels can perform their first simulation in a few minutes.

Live simulation

What’s New In ANSYS Discovery Live

Ansys Parameter Study

Parameter Studies

Discovery Live lets you explore a large number of design possibilities by varying multiple geometric or simulation parameters in an automated fashion.

Rotating boundaries demo

Rotating Boundaries

ANSYS Discovery Live gives you the ability to rapidly perform a fluid simulation on a 3D model allowing you to make critical design choices and accounting for real world conditions

Interactive Geometry Demo

Interactive Geometry

Make simple and complex changes to a 3D model and see the results of that change in real-time. Discovery Live instantly shows the changes in stress and deflecton.

Interactive physics demo

Interactive Physics

Interactive physics in Discovery Live means answers to your “what if?” questions. It lets you change input parameters on the fly or instantly switch between physics types and solutions.

ANSYS Discovery Live Capabilities

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