More Users are Falling In Love with an Easy CAD Search Geometry Engine: Techsoft ModelSearch

More Users are Falling In Love with an Easy CAD Search Geometry Engine: Techsoft ModelSearch

Are you ready for a QUICK & EASY CAD Search Geometry Engine?  Well it has arrived… Techsoft ModelSearch is a companion to the Windchill PLM system – it is Windchill Native.

Highlights of Techsoft ModelSearch

The goal of ModelSearch, is to reduce the number of parts by manufacturing companies. This objective can be achieved primarily through increased parts reuse in design department. With ModelSearch it is now possible to search between 100.000s of existing 3D models for geometrically similar parts and assemblies quickly and reuse them.

The unique ModelSearch classifying technology called “Geometric Footprint Technology” is completely independently and fully automatically classifies 3D models according to their geometric characteristics and integrates them extremely intelligent in Creo Parametric and Windchill PDMLink.  This allows ModelSearch extremely rapidly be introduced and implemented. This Easy CAD Search Geometry Engine is gaining popularity…

What is the reality today in product development?

It is an economic necessity to reuse as many existing components and to avoid exploding part variety.
There are numerous studies to determine the different ways that the installation of a new part will cost a company in fact. The association of German machine and plant builder (VDMA) has identified:

  • Creation of a self-part is expensive (ie. a part which must be self-produced)
  • The cost range can go from 1.400 Euro up to over 3.000 Euro

Achieving this goal with classic solutions to reuse parts, but is tedious:

  • It usually costs time, because even the parts to be found must be described by someone somehow, so they can be recovered from all others.
  • It’s the designer life even more difficult, because he simply cannot start designing it, but always looking for parts before.
  • It is generally very difficult to describe parts so well that all can start with the description of something or understand the same underneath.

That is exactly where ModelSearch helps hundreds of customer to reach this goal with a completely new approach.

More and more users are falling in love with ModelSearch

Whether you’re an engineer, a group leader, a buyer, an administrator or a service employee, more and more people fall in love with the user-friendly abilities of this software. Hundreds of customers already rely on ModelSearch. Here’s Why:

  1. ModelSearch can be introduced very quickly and immediately -to help save money
  2. Native embedding in PTC Creo and PTC Windchill allows work in the familiar environment
  3. The automatic “construction navigation” with ModelSearch Live points to already existing,
    similar components

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