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Webinar | ModelSearch: 3D Similarity Search in Perfection

September 24 @ 11:00 am MST


Finding the Right Model Has Never Been Easier!

Finding similar 3D models in Windchill and Creo is now as easy as doing a Google image search. Regardless of whether 50,000 or 5 million 3D models are managed in Windchill, both Windchill and Creo always show the most similar models in a fraction of a second.

With the use of AI-based software products such as ModelSearch from TECHSOFT, this downward spiral can not only be interrupted but turned into the opposite.

This webinar will highlight:

Proactive support of the design process with the Live Module from ModelSearch

Purchasing, work preparation, production, service – having similar parts to hand immediately helps with many decisions and business processes

Finding parts by searching for geometric properties

Unintentional identical parts cost a lot of money over their entire life cycle. Of course, this also applies to unnecessarily similar parts.

For CED Modeling, the star of direct modeling, ModelSearch is even available in a double pack – with Windchill or with Model Manager

Their native CAD models are also processed by ModelSearch.

Presentation Speaker:

Bogdan Cudzilo

Bogdan Cudzilo

Business Development Manager

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