National Have Fun At Work Day – TriStar Style

National Have Fun At Work Day – TriStar Style

Tristar Style

Sean & Becca Expressing Feelings

In honor of National Have Fun @ Work Day, TriStar decided to feature, not our products, not our services, but ourselves, having some fun right here in our work space.

It is vital for company success, that in your work environment, there is some kind of fun, for you and your fellow co-workers. Not only does this build team cohesion and team efforts, but it allows you be yourself as you release some endorphins to naturally lower stress levels. And most people know what a stressful work day can be like, right? 


Facts About Having Fun At Work

Tristar Style

TriStar Curling Team – #1

According to research published in the book “301 Ways to Have Fun at Work,” there is a direct link between the extend to which employees have fun and:

  • Work productively
  • Deliver good customer service
  • Exercise their creativity
  • Provide innovation within their job role



tristar style ping pong

Yes, ping pong table in our breakroom!

Author Dave Hemsath also says that fun may be the single most important trait of a highly effective and successful organisation! Companies that adopt a fun-orientated culture have:

  • Lower levels of absenteeism
  • Greater job satisfaction
  • Less down time
  • Increased employee loyalty

In the words of TriStar President, Dwight Griffith, TriStar has established a positive environment where success and teamwork mean having fun, enjoying the people you work with, and taking care of our customers day in and day out! 

tristar style basketball

The boys HOOPIN’ IT UP! #swish

As some helpful advice from one prospering company to other:

Establishing a fun working environment by:

  • Redefining your company culture
  • Understanding what your employees want
  • Make monotonous activities more appealing
  • Allow your employees some healthy outlets to relax or release some energy, as needed
tristar style teamwork

Girls just wanna golf; Cam on video game; Group gathering for cake & ice cream

So, friends, customers, fans, partners, employees, and followers of TriStar…. HERE YOU HAVE IT!

Of all days to have fun at work, make it today, and then some… – Your TriStar Team

out tristar gentlemen

These guys are the BEST! #comradery

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