iRobot Case Study

iRobot Case Study

iRobot LogoPTC shares this most useful iRobot Case Study…

Founded in 1990 by Massachusetts Institute of Technology roboticists, iRobot designs and builds some of the world’s most important robots. With applications ranging from combat-proven defense to public safety to household cleaning, iRobot is committed to building robots that improve quality of life and safety standards worldwide. To see the recorded webinar, Click Here to watch the recording.

irobot webinarInitiatives

  • Overcome challenges associated with decentralized storage and distribution of ECAD files
  • Save time spent searching for needed files as a result of decentralized storage and distribution
  • Improve cycle time by providing a common, streamlined, working environment and tool access for the entire design team
  • Reduce errors associated with manual file uploads

irobot and womanSolution

  • PTC Windchill 10.1 with PTC Windchill Workgroup Manager to automate and facilitate:
    • ECAD BOM Management
    • ECAD Document Management
    • ECAD Design Data Management


Reduce design time by hours per design

  • Easily import ECAD data
  • Quickly start a design from a common template
  • Launch ECAD application directly from the workspace
  • Centralized storage and distribution streamlines design
  • Fast and easy upload and download
  • Enables a faster process, reduces errors, and provides consistency across ECAD data


Are You Prepared For The IoT Era?  Watch this iRobot Webinar Replay if you missed the live presentation.

irobot-youtube-symbol-avatarIs your Product Lifecycle nimble enough to handle the increased complexity and speed required to be competitive? Are you ready for the IoT era? Explore how can you best adapt your Product Development Process to be successful as Digital Engineering evolves.

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