Massive Machines: Vuylsteke Construction

Massive Machines: Vuylsteke Construction

Vuylsteke Construction is a Belgian company that focuses on metal works—aluminum, stainless steel, and steel. Since the company launched in 2000, it’s constructed cranes, hoppers, generator chasses, and many, many other products.

Vuylsteke construction

It also offers maintenance and repair services for companies struggling with a shortage of good technicians and machines that have fallen into disrepair.

“This has the effect of unexpected shutdowns with some serious consequences,” the company website says. While shortages have been unfortunate for some, they’ve led to an excellent business model for Vuylsteke, as it enjoys growth year after year.

One of the biggest challenges in running a business like Vuylsteke is that you never know what you’ll be asked to do next. Last fall, technicians built generator cabinets (you can see their progress on the Facebook page).

cabinets designed with PTC Creo

Generator cabinets designed with PTC Creo

Before that, they were creating 30m (100 ft) steel rafters for an arena-style building. – See more at:

30-meter long steel rafters designed in PTC Creo

30-meter long steel rafters designed in PTC Creo

Clearly, every design the company does is customized for the customer. That’s one reason Vuylsteke uses PTC Creo for its engineering design software. The software helps easily communicate with clients and potential clients.

“3D visualization is a major asset in sales negotiations and project execution,” says Bart Vuylsteke, Managing Director at the company. His teams can easily share 3D models, so there’s little ambiguity about what the product will look like when the contract is fulfilled. Visualizations both impress prospects and prevent expensive misunderstandings later on.

Vuylsteke also takes advantage of . It includes an intelligent component library and can speed up frame design 10x compared to standard design techniques.

The PTC Creo Advanced Framework Extension simplifies and speeds structure and framework design

The PTC Creo Advanced Framework Extension simplifies and speeds structure and framework design

But probably the place PTC Creo has impressed the company most is how it works with supplier models. With PTC Creo Flexible Modeling Extension, engineers can now select and edit geometry and features from different data sources without losing any design intelligence.

And, PTC Creo allows the team at Vuylsteke to effectively send models to suppliers are well. “By investing in PTC Creo we’re able to deliver high quality design data to our suppliers, who in turn utilize this data with their saw-drilling lines,” says Vuylsteke.

That’s making a difference. The company says that it’s since reduced supplier collaboration time by 25%!

The overall result?  “We’ve succeeded in reducing the lead time of steel structures components in several cases by 50%,” says Vuylsteke.

Ed- Watch a short demonstration of the PTC Creo Advanced Framework Extension below:

Images courtesy of Vuylsteke Construction
Original post By Geoff Hedges | Published: Jul 31, 2014

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