TriStar and New Market Disruption

TriStar and New Market Disruption





  • Disturbance or problems that interrupt an event, activity, or process
  • “New market disruption” occurs when a product fits a new or emerging market segment that is not being served by existing incumbents in the industry” (ClaytonChrisensen)

3472b33For the last 20 years, Silicon Valley has been the center of disruption. Don’t worry, your day will still have 24 hours and the seasons will continue to change but your work day has never, and will never be the same again.

Classic examples of disruption include; Henry Ford with the assembly line that nearly overnight disrupted horse-drawn vehicles with gas powered automobiles, the dawn of Television over Radio, and Cellular phones over landlines. In more recent years you can cite; Netflix over cable, digital cameras over film, DVD’s over VHS, iPods for music, Personal computers in every home and on every desk, Tesla’s electric cars over internal combustion engines (Elon Musk is my hero). The list goes on.

When I graduated from Mechanical Engineering I was still using blueprints, and 2-D computer aided design was in its infancy (yes, I’m dating myself). I still love the smell of ammonia from a fresh blueprinted drawing! I’ve had the pleasure to live through one of the most exciting eras when it comes to technology and exploration, from the moon landing (ok, I was two), the space shuttle, the internet, and  renewable energy. I used to walk around as a kid wishing I had something I could fit in my hand that would give me the answer to any question I could ask it. Now I do with my smartphone, Siri, and Google.

New Market DisruptionThe disruption that came through three dimensional solid modelling was truly an innovative technology that changed how we design our everyday products, and how we share that design information with all stakeholders throughout the life cycle of those products.

PTC has led the way since the beginning with Pro-Engineer, and continues to develop industry leading products aimed at optimizing our relationship with engineering, design and manufacturing. Products like PTC Creo 4.0 have truly changed the relationships between an engineer and their tools. PTC Creo allows workers to keep up with the ever changing demands of the market, and use the technology to build components that simply can’t be manufactured with traditional manufacturing techniques.

We at Tristar recognize a leader and disruptor in technology and strive to offer the best experience to our customers.

Guest Author: Darin Buckland |Engineering Supervisor at TriStar

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