No More Time-consuming Searches for Objects or Data in PTC Windchill

No More Time-consuming Searches for Objects or Data in PTC Windchill

Searching for objects or data in PTC Windchill can be complex and time-consuming. The Search App for Windchill, built on this External App Platform, allows you to search for any object such as parts, CADs, changes, etc in a simplified and neat, user interface showing live data from your PTC Windchill System.

Improved design of the interface is more mobile-friendly

TriStar partner, Wincom, improved its design in order to make the interface more pleasant to navigate. These improvements make Search more tablet friendly; as one of the typical business cases is for ex. shopfloor users searching for parts on their mobile devices.

New facet functionality for complex searches

Besides executing a general search, we realized our customers needed more sophisticated manipulation of the results: from the general search criteria, you need to effectively zoom on the results. For that reason, we introduced a facet functionality: this allows you to filter on different columns at the same time in order to find exactly the data you are looking for, saving time and effort.

New PDF and documents download functionality

This app allows you to directly access the PDF attachments associated to a part and download them. This app is included in the Out-of-the box version of Search.

New Watermarking functionality

You can decide to extend the functionalities of your Search engine with the second Wincom app we integrated: Watermarking. This app dynamically watermarks your PDFs on demand. If you click on the link, your document will be marked up instantly and downloaded.

New Report functionality

We can also include in your Search engine another popular Wincom app: Report Engine. This app allows to create an actual hard copy report from your change documents

Search can be completely configured-to-order

Note that Search is completely configurable to exactly fit your needs. The product we deliver to you is fully branded and tailored: We can set up templates and queries to execute complex searches on any Windchill object and data you require.

Interested? Request an evaluation from our App Center! It will take you 5 minutes to install.

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