PLM Defined

Product Lifecycle Management allows you to manage cross-functional processes, associated with the efforts of distributed teams to consistently and efficiently develop the best possible product(s). A reliable PLM software system will manage all aspects of the product development lifecycle, from concept through service and retirement. By optimizing product development processes and using a single, secure source of information, you can develop products that are competitive, cost-effective, and high quality.
plm power
  • Faster time-to-market
  • Increased productivity
  • Design efficiency
  • Increased product quality
  • Lower cost of new product introduction
  • Insight into critical business processes
  • Better reporting and analytics
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Features to Maximize the Value of Your PLM Systems

PLM Apps

apps TriStar’s PLM Apps add new functions and features to Windchill systems that helps you maximize the value of your PLM systems. Each Windchill App can be installed quickly and easily using our App Manager, and comes with full support and upgrades. You may request an evaluation copy of any app!   Learn More →

Enterprise Change

change It’s typical to see 33% of development cycle time wasted either on unnecessary work, waiting for decisions, or waiting for information regarding a change. —McKinsey & Company   Learn More →

Share Data Effortlessly

sharing data Your PLM system should provide you with significant value, by establishing a single system that simultaneously manages both hardware and software deliverables. Your Product Lifecycle Management solution should also enhance other enterprise systems, such as ERP, CRM, or even ALM, by enabling the sharing of product information throughout your organization.   Learn More →

PLM Software

ptc windchill plm PLM software supports the product development process, to integrate people, processes and systems, providing a product information “warehouse” for organizations. Assess product compliance, performance and risk to insure regulations, including REACH, RoHS, WEE and REACH, and requirements such as cost, weight or carbon footprint, are met.   Learn More →


dash TriStar’s Intuitive Dashboards allow Windchill Users to Filter and Report like never before, without even opening PLM Systems… CONNECT – AUTOMATE – SIMPLIFY YOUR DATA, quickly & easily.   Learn More →

Executive PLM Reporting

data While managing the complexities of product development with one system, you can now filter and pull relevant, real-time data for reporting and important decision making, when you need it, without even entering your PLM system.   Learn More →