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We help companies to transform businesses and optimize innovation efforts by implementing Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions. Our experience covers all aspects of PLM, from creating the initial strategy to training end users.We work with some of the world’s most innovative companies, helping them to create, implement and optimize PLM solutions. We have experience working with a broad range of PLM solutions and have deep expertise in PTC® Windchill™ solutions. Our business knowledge, combined with our expertise in PLM software deployments, allows us to help companies maximize the value of PLM. We combine world-class management consulting capabilities with PLM process and technology skills to help companies turn innovation into results. We specialize in PLM Strategy, Business Process Definition, System Selection and Implementation, and User Adoption.


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Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) can deliver improved performance throughout the entire product lifecycle and across your supply chain. It can help you to transform your business to achieve higher product margins, lower development costs, and a stronger bottom line. Achieving these results begins with creating the right PLM strategy and vision for your business. Whether you are trying to streamline design and component management with suppliers, improve processes that span global and cross-functional teams, or manage the complexity that comes with product configuration and change, we are here to help We can also help you resolve a wide range of common challenges that may be driving your needs for PLM. Our PLM Strategy services include:

  • Mapping business initiatives to required capabilities
  • Creating a PLM vision tailored to your unique needs
  • Defining the organizational structure and required resources
  • Developing a systems and solutions blueprint
  • Creating a sustainable PLM foundation
  • Providing a transformation roadmap that supports current and future needs

Process Consulting

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To achieve positive results, first you must have clearly defined, repeatable business processes which can be optimized and automated. Second, your business processes must align with your Product Lifecycle Management processes and systems. We can help you to review and optimize your existing business processes or define new processes which will enable you to design products more efficiently, accelerate time to market, collaborate across global teams, and significantly reduce the cost of regulatory compliance. Our team of experts can help analyze value chains, identify processes to be improved, simplify overly complex processes, provide guidance on industry best practices and help you to make continual improvements. We can also help you define Key Performance Indicators to evaluate processes, set benchmarks and measure progress.

TriStar has extensive experience helping clients create process efficiencies and adopt best practices. Following is a thought map of PLM processes common across various industries.


System Selection

Selecting the right Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution for your business can be a daunting task./p> If you make the wrong selection, you may face budget overruns, implementation delays, user dissatisfaction, and possibly the need to replace the system. Since making a wrong decision can be costly and risky for your company, it makes sense to start with a methodical approach and apply proven practices that have worked for other companies. We have a well-defined method to assist you with systems selection and implementation.

Our system selection services include:
  • Solution Requirements Definition
  • System (Hardware & Software) Requirements Short-Mid-Long Planning
  • Vendor and Technology Capability Evaluations
  • Technology Selection


Our Project Managers, Solution Architects and PLM specialists leverage their technical knowledge, implementation experience and industry expertise to design and implement cost-effective PLM solutions in the shortest possible time, which meets your requirements.

Our services include:
  • Project Implementation Planning
  • Solutions Architecture Consulting
  • System Architecture and Integration Consulting
  • System Configuration and Customization
  • Maintenance, Upgrades and Expansion

Training and Education

We provide a full range of training and educational services to help our clients quickly realize their investments in Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) system implementations. Our training and education spans all phases of PLM, from strategic planning, to implementation, to user adoption.

We train and educate a broad range of individuals including executives, business managers, product managers, engineers, IT staff and system administrators on a wide range of topics. We also offer customized courses for clients that help enable faster PLM user adoption, accelerating the time to value. Our training services and courses encompass:
  • Educate decision-makers about the benefits of PLM
  • Educate business and technical users on system capabilities and usability
  • Provide client customized tutorials on business processes
  • Train technical staff on solution design and system architecture
  • Train system administrators on maintenance procedures such as: backup, archiving, audits, tuning, etc.

Service Offerings

Accelerate Time to Value with TriStar PLM Service Offerings

TriStar helps organizations to manage and accelerate their product innovation processes by enabling companies to achieve their goals with Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). We help companies to integrate people, data, processes and systems into all phases of PLM planning, starting with the initial PLM strategy through deployment and change management.

To help organizations accelerate time to value, we have developed a proprietary PLM Accelerator Framework that enables companies to optimize all phases of the PLM lifecycle and leverage their investment across the extended enterprise. Our PLM Accelerator Framework consists of four distinct phases: PLM Strategy, Solution Architecture, Solution Deployment and Organization Change.

PLM Accelerator Framework

Working with organizations of all types and sizes across all phases of PLM planning and implementation, we have built best practices into each phase of our PLM Accelerator Framework. Our team can add value at any particular phase, has extensive experience with all PLM aspects, and knows what it takes to ensure that your PLM solution is successful.

We employ a flexible approach to serving our clients PLM needs and often start by addressing a specific need, such as creating a scalable product data architecture or planning for a data migration. We work with clients across all phases of PLM, enabling them to optimize processes throughout each phase and create a scalable PLM solution that will deliver business results.

Product Architecture

How effectively does your company:

  • Communicate complex designs to partners, suppliers, and manufacturing?
  • Modularize designs to maximize re-use across global products and brands?
  • Ensure predictable global product development processes are leveraged across the company?
  • Align Engineering resources and talent with the organizational structure to support Product Development?

If any of these questions resonate with you, then it is time to evaluate how to improve the ways that your organization develops new products and leverages valuable resources. TriStar’s Product Architecture Assessment can help you to resolve your most difficult product development challenges and deliver results that will help enable long-term benefits.

What Does the Assessment Entail?

TriStar’s Assessment is a high-value, cost-effective activity that will provide a clear understanding of what optimizing your Product Data Architecture can do for your business. As part of the Assessment, we help you to focus on specific Product Data Architecture challenges that can drive the greatest ROI to your business.

TriStar’s Assessment takes approximately six weeks and consists of three phases: Discovery, Analysis and Recommendation.

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Product Development Process Assessment

To thrive in an agile environment, Product Development organizations must align their business processes, organizational structures and supporting technologies with their business goals. Profits can be maximized when key components of a business strategy such as increasing revenue, reducing costs and adding new customers are linked to operational excellence and improvements within product development processes.

What Does the Assessment Entail?process assessment graphic

TriStar’s Assessment is designed to address specific product development challenges and our consultants take a collaborative approach to help you through process transformation. Based on your unique processes and product development environment, we can help you to create a detailed action plan that will deliver optimal results.

TriStar’s Assessment takes approximately six weeks and consists of three phases: Impact Evaluation, KPI & Metrics, and Process Modeling.

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Implementation Planning Assessment

How effective is your PLM Implementation Planning?

  • Are you looking to create a three to five year vision for your PLM Deployment?
  • Do you lack adequate management support and buy in for your PLM plans?
  • Are you looking to plan beyond the next release or implement a major upgrade?

TriStar’s PLM Implementation Planning service is designed to address detailed work activities, including milestones and risk management, in a form that can be presented with confidence to senior management for their approval and commitment. These plans can be created as part of a stand-alone PLM assessment or as part of broader PLM Vision Planning that spans the next three to five years and results in the development of a longer-term roadmap.

What Does the Assessment Entail?Implementation Planning Assessment graphic

TriStar’s PLM Implementation Planning Service is a high-value, cost-effective way to develop your vision for PLM and gain a clear understanding of what it can do for your business. Creating a PLM implementation roadmap typically takes between six to eight weeks, depending on the special needs and criteria of your organization.

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Product Development System Assessment

How robust is your current Windchill PLM System?

  • Are you looking to globally scale your Windchill PLM System and add more users?
  • Is your current Windchill infrastructure limiting your ability to collaborate with internal and external people and organizations?
  • Are you looking to improve system availability, redundancy, backup methods, and fail over procedures?

If any of these questions resonate with you, consider partnering with TriStar to help you with Windchill implementation planning and defining user requirements to help you establish an infrastructure that can scale to meet current and future needs. TriStar offers a Windchill Product Development System (PDS) Assessment that enables you to optimally plan for required hardware, software, licenses, and consulting costs. TriStar is PTC’s largest Windchill Implementer and Provider Worldwide. Partner with the best – partner with Team TriStar.

graphic system assessment imageWhat does the Assessment Entail?

TriStar’s Windchill PDS Assessment starts with a comprehensive audit of your current systems, networks, and work processes. We work hand-in-hand with your team to identify all requirements. In a matter of a few weeks, we provide you with recommendations that will help you to optimize your existing Windchill PLM infrastructure.


Windchill and Pro/INTRALINK Migration

How Effective is Your Data Migration Plan?

  • Are you looking to accelerate your Windchill or Pro/INTRALINK Migration?
  • Are you concerned about creating a comprehensive migration plan?
  • Are you looking for skilled resources to execute migration plans and achieve cost savings?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, TriStar can help. TriStar offers a streamlined Migration Service that leverages our best-in-class methodology, tools and resources to help ensure your success. TriStar’s Windchill and Pro/INTRALINK Migration experts provide you with best practices and can assist you from the initial migration strategy through the final rollout of the new system.

What Does the Assessment Entail?Windchill Migration

TriStar offers a low-risk and cost-effective approach to migrations that starts with a comprehensive systems audit and requirements definition process. It is then followed by iterative migration rehearsals to successfully complete product rollout.

TriStar’s Migration Service takes between six weeks to six months based on the size and complexity of the data.

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