Holistic PLM & Organizational Change Management

Air Date: August 27, 2020

Webinar Replay

Holistic PLM & Organizational Change Management


Join us for a live webinar and learn from Sr. Lead of Strategic Development Ric Prince, as he explains why it is critical for Customers to analyze PLM needs and organizational change using a structured approach to mitigate the risk of failure. The content for the webinar has been developed by TriStar Product Development experts who have deployed PLM technology in multiple vertical industries and is based on best practices and lessons learned from 25+ years of experience.

The webinar will cover four primary topics relating to organizational change and holistic PLM as follows:

✔ Product Development Strategy – how to ensure PLM is aligned with strategic business objectives and goals
✔ Business Process Change – how to manage business process change while considering the current state of data quality and governance
✔ Program Management – key techniques to efficiently manage PLM projects
✔ Technical Management – the need to ensure technical teams are structured for success Learn more: https://www.tristar.com