Product & Services Architecture

TriStar helps companies to integrate people, data, processes and systems into all phases of PLM planning, starting with the initial PLM strategy through deployment and change management.


Our Capabilities

To help organizations accelerate time to value, we have developed a proprietary PLM Accelerator Framework that enables companies to optimize all phases of the PLM lifecycle and leverage their investment across the extended enterprise. Our PLM Accelerator Framework consists of four distinct phases: PLM Strategy, Solution Architecture, Solution Deployment and Organization Change.

We employ a flexible approach to serving our clients PLM needs and often start by addressing a specific need, such as creating a scalable product data architecture or planning for a data migration. We work with clients across all phases of PLM, enabling them to optimize processes throughout each phase and create a scalable PLM solution that will deliver business results.


Working with organizations of all types and sizes across all phases of PLM planning and implementation, we have built best practices into each phase of our PLM Accelerator Framework.


  • Implementation Planning

Solution Architecture

  • Product Data Architecture

  • Product Development Processes

  • Product Development Systems

Solution Deployment

  • Systems & Data Migrations

  • System Integrations

Organization Change

  • Training

  • Change Management


What Does the Assessment Entail?

TriStar’s Assessment is a high-value, cost-effective activity that will provide a clear understanding of what optimizing your Product Data Architecture can do for your business. As part of the Assessment, we help you to focus on specific Product Data Architecture challenges that can drive the greatest ROI to your business.

TriStar’s Assessment takes approximately six weeks and consists of three phases: Discovery, Analysis and Recommendation.

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