Mathcad is the industry-standard software for engineering calculations. Its easy-to-use, units-aware, live mathematical notation, powerful capabilities, and open architecture allow engineers and organizations to streamline critical design processes. Mathcad presents calculations, text and images in an understandable format, enabling knowledge capture, reuse and design verification that result in improved product quality and faster time-to-market.

The latest release, Mathcad Prime 2.0, adds powerful new calculation capabilities to the breakthrough Mathcad Prime interface – a powerful yet easy-to-learn, easy-to-use platform. Mathcad Prime 2.0 delivers greater computational power, providing 3-D graphing, integration with Microsoft® Excel®, collapsible areas, and symbolic (CAS) capabilities, all in a document-centric environment. Users can create complex, professional engineering design documents quickly and easily with full units support. With over 600 built-in mathematical functions, Mathcad Prime 2.0 allows advanced engineering exploration. Also, Mathcad Prime 2.0 integrates with other best-in-class PTC products like Creo® Parametric and Windchill®, increases productivity, improves process efficiency, and allows for better collaboration between individuals and teams.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy to learn and use – Task-based interface promotes usability and enables you to learn unfamiliar functions or features quickly and easily.
  • Document focused – Powerful, document-centric calculation environment lets you create complex, professional engineering design documents quickly and easily, in a format that is presentable and understandable.
  • Advanced Math Exploration – Display, manipulate, analyze and plot data, with full units support throughout the application, so you can create calculations for testing before committing them to a design.
  • Dynamic units support throughout all calculations – This translates into reduced errors and higher accuracy of results, and more precise communication between engineers and teams, which improves process efficiency in product development.