PTC Arbortext Content Manager

Effective and accurate content and process management

PTC Arbortext Content Manager provides a controlled, shared content repository that handles multiple versions of both source content and finished publications. It provides a formal way of assigning tasks for creating new information or updating existing information. PTC Arbortext Content Manager provides a single source of product and service information that provides access control and version control at every component level, preserving component relationships and providing deep configuration management capabilities.

Optimized for managing documents structured in PTC Arbortext Editor, PTC Arbortext Content Manager supports collaboration of geographically dispersed teams and manages critical processes such as configuration management and release of publications. This content management system is able to manage complex information assets and enables organizations to streamline their document and publishing processes.

Features and Benefits

  • Improve author productivity – facilitate content reuse by providing authors with access to relevant content components
  • Enhance publication quality – protect content from unauthorized changes by applying permissions and workflows based on the version and lifecycle of the document. Track and trace changes to the individual user who initiated them
  • Accelerate technical information time-to-market – optimize processes using powerful workflow management tools