PTC Arbortext Provisioning Manager and Parts Catalog Manager for S1000D

Streamlined provisioning and illustrated parts data

PTC Arbortext Provisioning Manager enables initial provisioning data and illustrated parts data to be created, delivered, received and reviewed. PTC Arbortext Provisioning Manager accommodates both independent provisioning projects and Aerospace & Defense specification S2000M Chapter 1 requirements. This powerful solution enables users to tailor initial provisioning data to suit the business rules of one or multiple projects. It can be configured as a stand-alone operation, as a fully integrated PTC Arbortext solution for S1000D, or a combination of both.

PTC Arbortext Parts Catalog Manager for S1000D enables illustrated parts data to be created, delivered, received and reviewed in accordance with the Aerospace & Defense specification S1000D for technical publications. Through its seamless integration with PTC Arbortext CSDB for S1000D, the PTC Arbortext Parts Catalog Manager can update information directly within the PTC Arbortext CSDB, to easily generate illustrated parts data modules and numerical indexes which are stored in the CSDB.

Features and Benefits

  • Improve processes and minimize manual data entry – repurpose engineering design data from PTC Windchill and PTC Arbortext LSA Interface for S1000D, while leveraging information structure from the PTC Arbortext CSDB
  • Fulfill initial provisioning requirements rapidly – use parts data commonality within projects, multi-language descriptions, and automated production of IPD data modules for transfer to PTC Arbortext CSDB
  • Accelerate data acquisition, compilation and review cycles – integrate with all PTC Arbortext product information delivery software for Aerospace & Defense