PTC Arbortext Publisher and IETP Viewer for S1000D

Assembly and delivery of S1000D-compliant technical publications

PTC Arbortext Publisher for S1000D enables users to provide technical service information in various formats to support products and equipment. By assembling data modules from PTC Arbortext CSDB for S1000D, associated illustrations, and other entity types into information sets to prepare for formatting, PTC Arbortext Publisher for S1000D assembles content into a range of page-based technical publications and IETPs.

PTC Arbortext IETP (Interactive Electronic Technical Publications) Viewer for S1000D delivers technical information to the point of need in a fully interactive, browser-based environment to support the S1000D specification for aerospace & defense. Coupled with PTC Arbortext CSDB, the PTC Arbortext IETP Viewer provides seamless, rapid IETP viewing capabilities.

Features and Benefits

  • Improve data accuracy – facilitate interaction with other electronic data sources of supply and maintenance information to improve data accuracy and minimize human intervention
  • Realize greater productivity – out-of-the-box IETP viewing capability for S1000D-compliant data modules provides instant access to technical product information for service and support functions
  • Accelerate data acquisition, compilation and review cycles – integrate with all PTC Arbortext product information delivery software for Aerospace & Defense