PTC Arbortext Publishing Engine

Intelligent, multi-output publishing

PTC Arbortext Publishing Engine is a server-based system that manages content flow and delivers high-quality, consistent product and service information throughout the product lifecycle. This publishing engine can intelligently aggregate, profile and assemble content automatically to provide accurate, relevant product and service information. Publishing can be done to one or many media, such as Web, interactive and page-based formats. PTC Arbortext Publishing Engine produces on-demand, updated publications across all of your target media including HTML for Web, EPUB or Help delivery, page-based formats such as PDF and PostScript and also Microsoft Word.

Features and Benefits

  • Accelerate information time-to-market – reduce delivery time with automated publishing processes, regardless of media type
  • Improve information relevance – assemble and publish content that is tailored to specific audience requirements and delivered automatically in the media that best suits audience needs
  • Reduce publishing costs – eliminate expensive, labor-intensive desktop publishing tasks using powerful automated content formatting tools