Concept Design Best Practices

Learn why concept design is crucial to product development and how to optimize your processes

A recent survey conducted by PTC uncovered significant opportunity for efficiency gains and process improvements during the Concept Design phase of product development. This page offers resources to help you better understand the common challenges related to concept design and how to improve them.

View the resources in the Learn More section below to:

  • Discover how technology advances can improve processes
  • Read analyst recommendations for selecting tools vendors
  • Download free tools product trials
  • Hear customer tips for improving concept design

Concept Design Solution Considerations

If you’re ready to put together a strategy for more effective concept design, learn how PTC technologies and solutions can improve your processes.

Develop 3-D Report

Develop 3D Special Report reviews PTC’s Concept design tools

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Tools for digital authoring

Get your ideas digital earlier in the process to more easily share your designs with an extended team.

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Interoperable tools from a single vendor

Using concept design tools from just two vendors increases your need for data re-creation 3x. Interoperable tools allow data to move seamlessly between applications.

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Ability to reuse design data – seamlessly

Concept designs are rarely built from scratch. Concept design tools that can re-use existing designs and leverage vendor parts from multiple sources minimize your work.

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