PTC Creo Direct

Companies need to get more people involved in product development and make them more efficient in order to get better designs to market, faster. Creo Direct is a stand-alone 3D CAD app for a broad range of users across the enterprise. Creating and modifying 3D designs is fast and easy with Creo Direct, especially for someone transitioning from 2D to 3D CAD or a casual user. Whether you are creating a concept design or editing models to de-feature or simplify them for a downstream process such as simulation or NC and tooling design, Creo Direct gives you the most flexibility when creating, manipulating and editing 3D geometry.

As a member of the Creo product family, Creo Direct enables users to seamlessly share data with other people and Creo apps used in the design process. This unprecedented level of interoperability and ability to maintain design intent between apps, further increases detailed design and o downstream process productivity.

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Features and Benefits

  • Achieve faster design cycles by enabling more users to access and use 3D CAD data
  • Streamline CAE workflows by giving analysts the ability to edit 3D design data before analysis and to propose design changes directly on the model
  • Streamline CAM workflows by giving tooling designers the right tool to create manufacturing jigs and fixtures, and edit model data for NC and tooling design.
  • Work with multi-source 3D CAD data faster and easier
  • Easily share data and gather feedback from suppliers and customers, directly on the 3D model