PTC Creo Options Modeler

Your customers expect “personalized” products, and they’ll give their loyalty to the manufacturers who offer product variety and quick response. To help address this need, manufacturers are developing products with modular architectures that not only help deliver this competitive differentiation, but also keep cost and complexity under control.

PTC Creo Options Modeler is a dedicated app for creating and validating 3D modular product assemblies, no matter the complexity. By creating re-usable product modules and defining how they interface and assemble, designers can quickly create and validate any customer specific product.

When combined with PTC’s PTC Windchill product lifecycle management software, manufacturers can generate and validate precise 3D representations of product configurations defined by an individual bill of materials (BOM).

As a member of the PTC Creo product family, PTC Creo Options Modeler seamlessly leverages and shares data between other PTC Creo apps and with other people involved in the design process and beyond, further increasing detailed design and downstream process productivity.

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Features and Benefits

  • Achieve faster design cycles by creating and validating product modules in 3D early in the design phase.
  • Structure sBOM for parts list from engineering design product structure to create information structure for parts and service procedures
  • Reduce process errors and engineering rework by directly re-using available 3D models from PTC Creo and individual bill of materials (BOM) from PTC Windchill.
  • Automate the creation of any product by defining common architecture, product modules, and manage how they interface and assemble.
  • Optimize products earlier by automating manually intensive, error-prone tasks.
  • Communicate precisely by sharing product design earlier and gathering feedback from other internal teams, suppliers and customers.