PTC Creo View MCAD

Most companies use a variety of tools for creating digital product design content. However, many people inside and outside the company need to view and interrogate that information, which means that high-performing, easy-to-use visualization tools are now indispensable.

Lightning-fast and ultra-scalable–with an instinctive, tasked-based interface–PTC Creo View MCAD enables you to quickly and easily visualize products and gain valuable engineering design insight. PTC Creo View MCAD supports 3D data from all major MCAD tools, as well as drawings, images and documents from a multitude of sources, all without the need for the native authoring application. With its compact, yet accurate 3D viewable format, complex information can be quickly accessed to reduce rework and improve decision-making. And since PTC Creo View ECAD and PTC Creo View MCAD both utilize the same framework, users of both Apps can perform unique functions such as cross probing between ECAD/MCAD abstractions. Now everyone can collaborate– whether in real-time or by using markups.

MCAD related extensions also allow you to:

  • Electronically markup Product Manufacturing Information (PMI) including the ability to approve, reject or question specific designs
  • Automatically generate PDF files for secure document reviews, as well as record annotations and watermarks without altering the actual document
  • Analyze designs for product component interferences, contacts and clearances
  • Create interactive animations of your designs to study from a functional perspective

Features and Benefits

  • Improve productivity by allowing users to easily and quickly share visual information across the enterprise
  • Visualize heterogeneous MCAD data, images, PCB designs and documents within one environment and without native authoring applications
  • Provide enhanced, model-based definitions, including annotation details, to quality, inspection and manufacturing engineers
  • Accurately measure, section and compare 3D models, and assemble parts and complex product structures
  • Collaborate on centrally organized digital product information through markups and real-time collaboration