PTC Supply Chain Data Collection

Create a More Efficient and Scalable Data Collection Process

To more effectively assess product compliance, performance and risk, manufacturers need more detailed component information, as well as more timely and reliable data.

PTC Windchill Product Analytics enables manufacturers to efficiently collect supplier data using multiple methods and data sources. Manufacturers can automatically generate and submit direct supplier data requests using industry standard or customer specific data exchange formats, and aggregate and validate supplier responses. Additionally, PTC Windchill Product Analytics is integrated with leading 3rd party systems containing compliance, material, substance, and other detailed part and supplier information.

The integration of PTC Windchill Product Analytics with 3rd party systems, such as the automotive industry’s cooperatively established International Material Database System (IMDS), makes rich supplier data readily available to manufacturers during the earliest phases of product development. By leveraging these integrations manufacturers can quickly scale their data collection efforts to meet the growing requirements for the ever-increasing number of product compliance mandates.

Features and Benefits

  • Systematically retrieve supplier part information from 3rd party systems based on design specifications
  • Improve data quality with notifications of part changes in 3rd party systems
  • Automate direct requests for supplier data
  • Include supplier data collection in new part request process
  • Normalize, validate and load supplier content directly into PTC Windchill Product Analytics