PTC Windchill Archive

Archive and restore PTC Windchill and Pro/INTRALINK informations

A database that’s cluttered with obsolete or infrequently used data can impact your system performance. Yet your company requires long-term retention of this data for compliance with corporate policies as well as industry and government regulations.

The optional PTC Windchill Archive Module provides the solution by automatically purging unneeded information from your database, archiving content to long-term storage, and easily restoring information when you need it.

Features and Benefits

  • Optimize administrator productivity through a single, user-friendly interface
  • Define and save your selection criteria using a “Create Query” wizard
  • Easily archive and restore your interrelated product information
  • Purge, archive or restore a host of files, including documents, parts, and CAD documents: viewables and markups; versions, iterations, specific view and content creator
  • Schedule purge or archive jobs quickly using the job wizard
  • Be assured of data integrity, as the software understands CAD dependencies and minimizes purge conflicts
  • Use intuitive search tools to quickly locate and retrieve data stored in long-term archives