PTC Windchill Compliance

Reduce risk with early visibility into compliance

The newly instituted Conflict Minerals rule is just the latest in a growing number of government regulations, customer requirements and supply chain concerns that require each manufacturer’s attention and resources. REACH, RoHS, ELV, CPSIA, WEEE, Battery and Packaging Directives, trade compliances – the list keeps growing. What, exactly, are the costs if your products or enterprise fail to comply? Blocked shipments, costly redesigns and scrapped parts are just the tip of the iceberg. The stakes are high – with the risk of lost revenue, production stops, fines or even shareholder lawsuits for inaccurate filings.

To avoid these risks, manufacturers must understand how their products perform against numerous regulations and customer requirements, while keeping up with frequent changes in product designs, parts, suppliers and the regulations themselves. Additionally, manufacturers – in particular under the conflict minerals rule – need to provide regulators with detailed reports demonstrating due diligence and compliance across the entire supply chain.

PTC Windchill Compliance tracks and manages the compliance of your products, beginning early in the innovation process, and continuing throughout the product lifecycle. The product leverages PTC Windchill Materials & Substances to automate the collection of supplier and parts data and optionally integrate with your existing enterprise systems for real-time bill-of-material (BOM) and product data. And it’s industry-proven; used by leading manufacturers across the enterprise for greater visibility into their product risks.

Features and Benefits

  • Build compliance into the earliest phases of product development, and identify and resolve compliance issues before they become costly problems.
  • Enable a systematic design-for-compliance process, and explore the compliance status of design alternatives using what-if analyses, resulting in more informed decisions, fewer late-cycle changes, and reduced downstream costs.
  • Stay up to date with changing compliance requirements and increase the accuracy of your reporting. Expert consulting and compliance support is available for many regulations and standards including conflict minerals detection and country of origin inquiries, REACH, RoHS, ELV, CPSIA, WEEE, Battery and Packaging Directives, JIG, the GADSL, as well as customer-specific requirements.
  • Demonstrate product and supply chain compliance and due diligence for customers and government authorities with an exhaustive audit trail backed by real data – from simple certificates of compliance to full material disclosure.