PTC Windchill Cost

Reduce product costs and improve product margins

While product cost is a major concern for manufacturers, the majority of companies struggle to accurately track, measure and communicate it beginning early in the product development process, where cost decisions have the greatest impact. This difficulty is due to the complexity introduced by frequent changes to the bill-of-material (BOM), part design, and suppliers. Consequentially, current cost analysis results are not readily visible or accessible to engineers when making decisions regarding new parts and suppliers.

PTC Windchill Cost automatically incorporates product changes into cost analysis, and makes product cost analytics an integral part of the standard product development process. This approach not only creates accurate, up-to-date cost reports, but also allows cost analysis to be performed on every product design change. Product cost is calculated by rolling up costs for different BOM configurations. Above all, PTC Windchill Cost empowers users to make smarter decisions to ensure that products meet all cost targets.

Features and Benefits

  • Ensure that products are launched at, or under, target costs by providing real-time visibility into target and estimated costs to all stakeholders
  • Improve product margins by embedding product cost data as a core metric to be used in product design and enabling engineers to analyze the cost impact of design alternatives
  • Create more accurate estimates by rolling up cost for different BOM configurations using different cost models and by tracking data confidence
  • Understand cost drivers and risks with cost breakdown analysis, pareto analysis, what-if scenarios, and graphical displays of part and assembly cost status