PTC Windchill ECAD/MCAD Integrations

Combine the power of PTC Windchill collaboration and control with multiple ECAD/MCAD tools

The ability to leverage data created during the product development process is a strategic advantage for manufacturing companies. The heterogeneous CAD capabilities of PTC Windchill allow enterprises to capture, control and share complex design information from many ECAD and MCAD applications within a single enterprise environment, and even within a single product structure.

Features and Benefits

  • Fully incorporate data from multiple ECAD/MCAD products into standard product development processes that span multiple organizations
  • Eliminate mistakes from using duplicate or incomplete data by managing data from multiple CAD systems in a single, controlled location
  • Centralize the management of business processes, such as change control
  • Provide product stakeholders with accurate, up-to-date product content
  • Increase operating efficiency by reusing design data and reducing design steps