PTC Windchill Enterprise Systems Integration

Connect enterprise systems

Historically, enterprise system integrations have resulted either in error-prone manual processes, or fragile, custom point-to-point solutions, ultimately causing significant cost and product quality issues.

PTC Windchill Enterprise Systems Integration (ESI) provides a powerful, automated solution that synchronizes processes and information, enabling optimization of product development while minimizing risk and total cost of ownership. And, with its bi-directional integration, PTC Windchill ESI enables a robust connection between PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) and ERP systems.

Features and Benefits

  • Provides turnkey SAP and Oracle Manufacturing integration processes
  • Synchronizes parts, documents, bill of material (BOM) structures, engineering change notification (ECN), product configurations
  • Improves product data quality and reduces errors through automated exchange of information
  • Accelerates time to market through improved process coordination between engineering and manufacturing
  • Bundled EAI technology enables a short time-to-benefit and connectivity to a broad range of off-the-shelf adapters
  • Open and documented SOAP over JMS web services facilitate connection to your choice of EAI technologies from leading vendors