PTC Windchill Materials and Substances

Automate supplier data capture and manage the materials & substances used in products

For manufacturers, materials are at the core of product and supply chain performance. It is critical that they understand the materials and substances used in their parts and products, as well as the source of supply. This information is necessary to respond to government regulations, customer requirements, and to create internal product performance metrics. Once captured, material and substance data can serve as a strategic source of information to effectively manage substances of concern, country of origin, material tonnage, recyclability and re-use, weight, product cost, and environmental impact (LCA) reports. What are the risks if you don’t know what’s in your products? Blocked shipments, fines, costly redesigns, supply chain disruptions and scrap are just the beginning.

Enter PTC Windchill Materials & Substances, a proven solution that integrates with your existing enterprise systems to provide accurate visibility into the materials and substances in your products and supply chain, based on real-time bill-of-material (BOM) and product data. The solution automates supplier data capture using industry standards or customer specific formats, and enables PTC Windchill LCA and PTC Windchill Compliance to generate environmental impact analysis and product compliance reports.

Features and Benefits

  • Create and manage a central repository of material and substance data for parts and products
  • Efficiently collect supplier data using automated data requests, response validation and reporting tools
  • Enhance supplier data by leveraging data repositories and partner alliances with commercial data providers
  • Build your own custom analytics to examine material usage, understand supplier risk, and grade products against company specific requirements
  • Reduce risk by understanding data disclosure level (“Yes/No” certificates, partial disclosure, full material data) and identifying missing data