PTC Windchill Nonconformance

Nonconformance software that manages internal product and process nonconformances

Nonconformance management software manages the intake, evaluation, resolution and tracking of product and process nonconformance. A product’s quality is only as good as the processes and analyses companies use to ensure it. To support product quality, companies in both regulated and non-regulated industries are increasingly embracing quality governance initiatives, including ISO 9000, APQP, Six Sigma, and a wide variety of medical device standards like FDA CFR 21 Part 820. Each of these highly structured processes demand rigorous tracking of nonconformances – or, internal quality issues – experienced during product lifecycle stages like internal testing, manufacture inspections, and supplier inspections.

PTC Windchill Nonconformance supplies the highly structured, automated, and repeatable processes necessary to meet regulatory requirements for internally addressing non-conforming products. And as an integral PTC Windchill solution, nonconformance processes can include corrective and preventive actions, change and configuration management, document management, and BOM management. View the PTC Windchill 10.0 Interactive Experience to experience how PTC Windchill Nonconformance along with several other PTC Windchill Quality Solutions modules tightly integrate within a single database to help streamline product development, speed, innovation and improve next- generation products.

Features and Benefits

  • Evaluate, assign, monitor, track, and review each nonconformance
  • Immediate containment, corrections, and split lot dispositions
  • Built-in templates support regulatory compliance across various industries
  • Ease-of-use and web-based accessibility ensure rapid data entry and processing
  • Queries, graphs, scheduled reports, and alerts enable visibility into quality trends
  • Flexible workflows are easily configured to match existing business processes
  • Automatically generate audit trails, summary reports, and management reports