PTC Windchill Web Parts for SharePoint

Access and utilize Product Information from within SharePoint

Product information is critical to your organization’s success. However, for every designer or engineer creating product information, there are dozens of other team members who could benefit from accessing this same product data — yet cannot for a multitude of reasons.

PTC Windchill Web Parts for SharePoint gives the extended enterprise access to product data, improving worker productivity by presenting essential PTC Windchill information in a familiar SharePoint browser. PTC Windchill Web Parts for SharePoint also gives companies the ability to consolidate PTC Windchill information with content from ERP, finance and other enterprise applications in a single, easy to use environment.

Features and Benefits

  • Robust integration between a best-in-class PLM solution (PTC Windchill) and the ubiquitous SharePoint environment enables fast, easy data access and sharing
  • Leverage your existing SharePoint infrastructure to proliferate product information more broadly to both casual users and extended product development teams
  • Seamlessly access, view and mark up product viewables; regardless of their location
  • Optimize decision making by connecting PLM with ERP, CRM & other data systems for a complete enterprise view of product content
  • Enhance worker productivity and decision-making by leveraging flexible search parameters to find information across systems, thereby accelerating and improving the product development process