PTC Windchill SocialLink

Community-Powered Product Development

Product development has always been a team sport. But with today’s ever-changing roster of global players, success is now determined by how well you choreograph the collective efforts and knowledge of a dispersed, dynamic team. To solve problems quickly and accelerate innovation you need an entirely new approach to collaboration.

PTC Windchill SocialLink meets these challenges by combining social computing with rich product content from PTC Windchill, to build powerful communities of innovators. Built upon Microsoft SharePoint 2010, PTC Windchill SocialLink creates a compelling place where product teams engage within product and practice communities. By leveraging the collective knowledge throughout the enterprise, you’ll see faster, more effective decision-making.

Features and Benefits

  • Create product and practice communities that capture and foster collaboration across the product development organization
  • Organize information based on product content from PTC Windchill, improving relevance for community members
  • Enable the discovery of content and expertise within communities that are aligned by common professional interest
  • Create an engaging user experience that’s accessible via an embedded PTC Windchill toolbar, a stand-alone desktop client, and a traditional web-based portal
  • Deliver the right content to the right stakeholders in the right context