PTC Windchill Software Integrations

Connecting PTC Windchill with software management

While more and more products today incorporate software, many companies have found their software development environment to be disconnected, both by organization and system, from the rest of the product development team. This poor visibility and coordination can lead to increased costs, quality issues and product delays

PTC Windchill offers pre-defined integrations with PTC Integrity SCM as well as a number of Open Source tools to allow customers to expand their use of PTC Windchill to include software with the appropriate hardware configuration. By creating a single system that simultaneously manages both hardware and software deliverables and with support for heterogeneous software development environments, PTC Windchill helps ensure that the correct software builds are linked to a product structure throughout its lifecycle.

Features and Benefits

  • View and synchronize hardware and software deliverables across all product development disciplines
  • Ensure that the correct software builds are linked to the appropriate configurations throughout the product lifecycle
  • Include software within enterprise standard processes to manage all product content, with one integrated set of build, release and delivery processes