PTC in High Tech: Helping Charm Engineering Fix Big Screens

You’ve probably noticed that flat panel TVs are expanding. Only a few years ago, it seemed like we’d never want for anything more than our 32-inch LCD TVs. Today, they seem a bit puny.

Many of us have already put that TV in the guest room, and upscaled to a 50+ incher. And just when we thought we couldn’t possibly need anything bigger, a manufacturer in the UK has announced a new model that measures 370 inches—about the size of a soccer goal!

The technology is leaping forward too, with innovations like ultra-high definition displays and TVs that bend.

It’s a good time to be at home watching TV.

But here’s one awkward manufacturing fact: Those large arrays of LEDs and LCDs almost never come off the line perfectly. One or two defective pixels arise with nearly every panel. And unfortunately, even a single flaw qualifies the whole panel for the scrap heap.

What do the big manufacturers do? They use special machinery that can find problems in the panel and repair them quickly and accurately with a laser.

Charm Engineering, a PTC Creo customer in South Korea, specializes in designing and manufacturing that repair equipment for organic LED (OLED) and LCD displays. All together, the company produces 12 machines that do everything from repair arrays and cells, to fixing the device that lays chemical vapor on the film.

Charm Laser-Based Repair Equipment

With that collection of machines comes a sizeable number of parts and assemblies. So to keep track of them all, Charm adopted a data management platform that could integrate quickly and easily with PTC Creo. Working with DIGITEK, an authorized PTC reseller, Charm selected and deployed PTC Windchill PDMLink.

PTC Windchill PDMLink creates a single, trusted repository for design data, all available on the web. Best of all, everyone on the team can reach the data at any time (with permissions, of course). The system also supports company processes, like content, change, and configuration management. For Charm, that meant collaboration with internal departments improved and, ultimately, design time and time to market has become faster.

Solar Cell Repair Equipment designed in PTC Creo

Just in time.  A few months ago the company signed a $10 million deal with one of the biggest names in OLED technology—Samsung Display Company! Charm’s clients include LG Display, Sharp, Intel, and LAM.

Charm Equipment for Repairing Solar Cells

Charm Engineering is just one of many companies in South Korea that are taking technology to new horizons with PTC solutions. Check out these stories too:

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Images courtesy of Charm Engineering.

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