Ansys Helps Drive Innovation In The SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition

Ansys Helps Drive Innovation In The SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition

Trains were once the crown jewel of American ingenuity that connected people and goods from coast to coast. Over the past century, our neglected railways have atrophied and become specters of what they once were.

Elon Musk spacexIn 2013, Elon Musk announced his plans to revive our transportation infrastructure by igniting the imaginations of our nation’s brightest young innovators. Musk’s company SpaceX is sponsoring the Hyperloop Pod Competition. Musk hopes that his multi-million-dollar investment will yield new design concepts that can defibrillate the dying coal driven locomotive. ANSYS is providing their robust tools, like AIM to the competition so that contestants bring their ideas from inception to fruition. The contest culminates this summer (2016), when finalists test their functional prototypes on a one-mile track.

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hyperloop spacexThe SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition gives engineering students hands-on experience with powerful FEA tools from ANSYS to propel design. “The competition pushes us to address in-depth and unique engineering, program management and social challenges that we’re confident we can solve that will bring us one step closer to making futuristic transportation a reality,” said Alex DeClue, Program Manager, University of Southern California Hyperloop team. You can sponsor the team at the above link too!  Students will conceptualize passenger pods that zip from city to city in vacuum tubes, reaching speeds of 750 miles per hour. The first Hyperloop is slated to span the California corridor between San Francisco and Los Angeles, running parallel to Interstate 5.

Initially, there were some pessimists who dismissed the idea because of questions surrounding cost and feasibility. However, SpaceX and the Hyperloop contestants feel as though they are on the verge of doing something extraordinary. Employing the likes of magnet levitation and air bearings, while leveraging the power of ANSYS; these students are hurdling obstacles to thumb their nose at cynics.

mark_hindsbo spacexAs part of the contest, ANSYS is providing teams with its leading engineering simulation software solutions and technical support to students from its industry experts. Teams will have broad access to the ANSYS® portfolio, including structures, fluids, electromagnetics and systems that will enable them to push the limits of the engineering development process and virtually predict real world outcomes quickly and reliably. “It is very exciting to partner with SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition and witness students drive technology innovation at the same level as leading edge commercial product companies,” said Mark Hindsbo, Vice President of Marketing at ANSYS. “We truly believe in the power of the next generation of engineers and are happy to be able to provide them with the tools that can help bring their ideas to life.”

This June, all eyes will be on the SpaceX Hyperloop competition finalists and their bids to break new ground in mass transit and transportation.

ANSYS has a dedicated academic program to help bolster research and development by providing students with access to their powerful simulation tools. ANSYS’ latest simulation driven design tool will allow students to run Multiphysics studies in an intuitive interface with a guided workflow with their latest version of AIM.

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