Announcing Taylormade Golf Driver Winners

Announcing Taylormade Golf Driver Winners

Congrats to TriStar Webinar Winners: Steve Knox – WINNER of M2 Taylormade Driver
& Jim Walters –WINNER of M1 Taylormade Driver

TriStar loves featuring happy customers like Taylormade, especially when it comes to partnered “Enter To Win Giveaway” opportunities, to give back!  Steve and Jim, congratulations on becoming winners, we hope you enjoy your new drivers, used by the pros! 

Taylormade Driver-TriStar Webinar Winners:

Taylormade is also a current user of PTC Creo and PTC Windchill.  “Initially engaging TriStar for TaylorMade’s upgrade to Windchill 9.1 in 2010, TriStar recently upgraded us to Windchill 10.2: They simplified the process and had us full up and running with minimal downtime; This included upgrading all of our servers and DB simultaneously, a complex upgrade. They streamlined our sharing of files to vendors by creating a customization, which saves us time and protects our IP TriStar’s knowledge, professionalism and expertise is second to none! It’s been a pleasure working with the TriStar team.” Taylormade-adidas Golf  |  Find the Right Driver for You!

About the Winners and Company Features:

Steve Knox TriStar Webinar Winners:Steve Knox: PLM Administrator – ICE Edge Business Solutions – using Windchill 10.2 M030 CPS17

With changing job roles over the past few years and a larger focus on PLM I haven’t had the opportunity to actually sit down and do FEA studies. So I try to keep up with the releases and see what’s new. I really enjoyed the workflow aspect when it came to fluids and structural studies, in the Democratize Simulation for Your Design Engineers Webinar.

dirttICE Edge Business Solutions is a subsidiary of DIRTT Environmental Solutions. “We develop proprietary software called ICE, which DIRTT uses to design and specify the entire office interior solution. Part of our solution is we tightly integrate with the virtual world. We’re an early adopter of VR and have built it into our sales process. Included are a few video links about DIRTT and ICE.”

DIRTT Overview | VR Lab  | ICEreality 

Jim Walters TriStar Webinar Winners:Jim Walters: Senior Product Engineer – Stack-On Products Co – new user to PTC Creo

Jim Walters was previously a Solidworks user, but says he now enjoys designing in PTC Creo. I initially began as a Program Manager, having excelled to Senior Product Engineer, here at Stack-On Products in Chicago.  In the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Industry we constantly appreciate TriStar’s helpful PTC Tips and Tricks in webinars such as this, featuring  HOW TO USE CREO Repair Import Geometry In Creo Parametric.  I especially appreciate these because I consider myself still fairly new with Creo.  We will be brining on a PTC Windchill expert in office soon, to support our Windchill usage.  I now know to use your Resource Center as a helpful tool, when I need HOW TO quick refreshers.  I am a golfer myself, and will enjoy my club greatly.  I didn’t attend to win, but am thankful I did.

TriStar Webinar Winners:Since 1972, Stack-On has supplied a wide and diverse line of products to meet the needs of sportsmen, do-it-yourselfers, maintenance personnell, mechanics, the trades, and hobbyists throughout the world.  Stack-On’s product offering is focused on storage solutions that span from hardware, to sports, to security products, to hobby crafts.

steelcase-TriStar Webinar Winners:If you missed the recent Webinar Winner announcement of a New Laptop, it was Patrick Williams, Windchill Business Admin of STEELCASE inc. “TriStar has really done a lot of great work making pretty cool applications that I saw in this webinar. TriStar’s Industry Specific Windchill App Center is a great way to check them out.

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