TriStar Now Offers Techsoft ModelSearch for Model Manager and Windchill PDMLink

TriStar Now Offers Techsoft ModelSearch for Model Manager and Windchill PDMLink

Techsoft ModelSearch is a solution that supports the fast search for 3D models. The designer gets information about existing models automatically from the system through ModelSearch live. That leads to the more efficient reuse of design parts and saves money.

ModelSearch is available for integral use with the following PTC solutions: PTC Creo Parametric and PTC Creo Elements/Direct as well as PTC Creo Elements/Direct Model Manager and PTC Windchill PDMLink (also PDM Essentials).

Techsoft ModelSearch reduces your development costs through higher part reuse, reduced development time, reduced inventory costs and can be used throughout your company from design, manufacturing and
purchasing to service.

  • ModelSearch integrated into PTC Creo Parametric Functionality Continuous Similarity Search with ModelSearch Live
  • Interactive Similarity Search in PTC Creo Elements/Direct Model Manager and PTC Windchill PDMLink
  • Interactive Geometry Search in PTC Creo Elements/Direct Model Manager and PTC Windchill PDMLink
  • Check for duplicates extension for alphanumeric searching in the database
  • Automatic capture and storage of geometric information – automatic indexing takes about 1 second per 3D model
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modelsearch software

When different parts have a similar geometric shape, a purely name-based search can never be unambiguous. In many cases new parts are designed from scratch instead of reusing existing ones, e.g. the wheel is continually reinvented. ModelSearch is a tool that allows searching for 3D parts without prior classification. In ModelSearch relevant geometric information about parts is saved automatically in a separate database.

Geometric information about previously stored components indexed according to characteristics, is compared with the reference model. This search takes only seconds and provides a preview of similar models. If a similar component is found, this may serve again as a reference model for a subsequent search.

If you search for a component that has already been used once you can locate it by means of alphanumeric methods with variables such as name, part number, etc. If several similar parts are displayed, ModelSearch helps you to find the really suitable variant. Details of all relevant geometric information facilitate the selection in the process. Queries automatically determine information about:

  • Dimensions, areas, moments of inertia
  • Surfaces, volumes, masses
  • Diameters, curves, planes, angles
  • Threads, plate thicknesses, plastic castings
  • Details of hole patterns

In addition to searching for similar parts, search for parameters is also supported. The query is performed directly by PTC Creo Parametric and/or PTC Creo Elements/Direct.

techsoft model search


  • Classification is no longer necessary, high effort eliminated
  • Easy to use, even for employees outside of engineering
  • Results are delivered graphically and with accurate dimensions
  • Shortens development time
  • Reduction of costs, because not every part is “reinvented”
  • Reduces duplicates in the system and thus storage costs

TECHSOFT, as the Austrian market leader and PTC Platinum Reseller, support the complete product development process from design through to optimization, product data management, NC programming and manufacturing. TECHSOFT develops complementary solutions which seamlessly integrate into the Product Development System of PTC. These add-on technologies are distributed worldwide by PTC and international partners.

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