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Accelerate digital transformation with pre-built IIoT apps

Manufacturers are under constant pressure to increase uptime, improve quality, and ensure safety and compliance – all while lowering costs. The ThingWorx Manufacturing Apps and building blocks help you improve operational efficiency and workforce productivity across the shop floor by equipping workers with role-based apps that bridge IT and OT, enabling your teams to view, understand, and act on industrial data in real-time. These apps and building blocks are built on the ThingWorx Industrial IoT platform to accelerate time to value.

Pre-built Apps

Controls Advisor allows engineers to actively monitor the status of their machines with Tools like trending, alarms, and diagnostics. Giving them the full picture so they can easily and remotely troubleshoot the issue to get back up and running quickly.

ThingWorx Controls advisor interface

See the state of all OPC Server installs in a single webpage. Dive deeper into device connectivity, trending real-time data from PLCs.

Improve visibility into manufacturing data and connectivity:
  • Customizable text and email alerts when a device or tag stops communicating
  • PLC tag trending for root cause analysis in minutes
  • Connect to and remotely visualize data from virtually any PLC in the factory

Asset Advisor connects to your manufacturing equipment for real-time asset monitoring, providing better visibility into machine status, health, utilization, and sensor details – and you’re automatically alerted if any anomalies are detected.

ThingWorx Asset Advisor Interface

View the real-time and historical status of any asset. Customize text and email alerts.

Gain real-time visibility
  • View status of individual machines, production lines, or your entire facility

  • Fully customizable views to mirror your factory layout

Improve maintenance processes and production performance:
  • Optimize maintenance scheduling and reduce costs

  • Increase flexibility and efficiency

  • Improve product quality

  • Rapid implementation and fast time-to-value

Operator Advisor helps manufacturers increase workforce productivity and operational efficiency by delivering unified IT-OT data to operators on a single screen. Operator Advisor connects to various siloed manufacturing systems, including ERP, MES, PLM, and CMMS, and captures machine data from HMIs and PLCs providing in-context, accurate information and data.

ThingWorx Interface

Equip operators with the information they need to identify and complete tasks, all in a single interface.

Optimization across the board
  • Increase productivity by 5-8%

  • Improve yield, reduce scrap and rework costs by 15-25%

  • Reduction in warranty costs due to defects by 10-20%

  • Improve asset utilization / ROA by 3-5%

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