TriStar Connects Professionals with San Diego’s Top Engineering Students

TriStar Connects Professionals with San Diego’s Top Engineering Students

TriStar’s mission is to serve our customers the way they want to be served.  We will continue to meet that goal by bringing the education and commercial communities together.  TriStar’s Handshake Event series brings these two communities together and is the beginning of an important, lasting relationship.  The first of TriStar’s Handshake Event series took place in San Diego on April 14th of 2015

Recently TriStar held the first installment of its Handshake Event Series.  For years we have been hearing from schools of engineering that they have to fit more and more information into their curriculum and they need to prioritize the skills that will make their students better prepared for today’s job market.  Our commercial/industrial clients tell us they are looking for more, higher quality talent.  We also understand that these commercial customers and these new engineers will be facing some big challenges and we want to make sure they are as prepared as possible to solve these problems.

Our academic customers are sending graduates out into one of the harshest job markets for graduating seniors that has existed in decades.  Today’s graduates need to know more and have more experience than ever before to find the job they want.  They need impressive internships with industry leading companies to be relevant in today’s job market.  It is also becoming more and more important to be fully trained in a design platform upon graduation.  With the moving goal posts of the engineering job market it is essential that schools of engineering have guidance from local industry so that they can make sure students are trained to do what industry actually needs them to do so students will be able to get the job/apprenticeship/internship they want.

Our commercial clients are always looking to stay on the cutting edge and fighting to be one step ahead of their competition.  To do this they need open access to the best talent pools.  While they already have access to the PTC Global Talent Pool, where they can draw from graduates of some of the top engineering institutions in the country, this is not enough.  Companies also want to identify the top students, the students who display the most vision, the most leadership in their capstone project, the best of the best and professors have this information.  By connecting the recruiting departments of local industry with professors, our customers will have the best access to the freshest, most innovative, and hardest working engineers of the 2015 graduating class.

PTC users are working to solve big problems in every industry from medical devices to aerospace and defense.   If our customers are going to have the breakthroughs that will take us to new horizons, our customers will need the smartest, best prepared engineers.  If these recent graduates are going to reach beyond the stars, we at TriStar want to help as much as we can.  We can start by providing the relationships they need to guide these forward thinking schools of engineering, and their students on how and what the next generation of engineers will need know upon graduation.

To connect these two communities and to better serve our customers we brought students and professors from San Diego’s top schools of engineering to one of California’s top product development companies, Hunter Industries.  Students and professors came ready to learn, and Hunter Industries had plenty to say.

When the students and professors arrived at Hunter Industries they heard from me (Jack Hamblet, TriStar’s Education Account Manager) and Scotty Oliver, Hunter Industries’ Talent Acquisition Manager.  Hunter Industries has a long history of innovation and the students and professors heard about how they have overcome engineering challenges in the past and some future challenges they will be facing.  Scotty, as a veteran recruiter was able to give the students some guidance on what kind of background and skills they should have to get a job at a place like Hunter, such as learning Creo.

Students and professors then toured the Hunter Industries headquarters and had an opportunity to ask questions of Hunter’s engineering team.

When the tour groups met back at the conference room there was a fajita bar from Café Catering waiting for them.  During lunch engineers from Hunter talked about their roles at Hunter, the passion for their work, and what it is like to work as an engineer today.  One of their stories highlighted the difference between working in a design environment with a PLM system like Windchill and one without.  The majority of the students hadn’t had a chance to work with a PLM solution in the past, and they were interested to hear about how essential they are.

In one morning we were able to better connect students and professors from 5 schools of engineering to a global product development company and sparked vital some relationships.  Meeting these students also made me much more hopeful that this next generation of engineers will be able to solve the large engineering problems of tomorrow with the help and guidance of our commercial customers.

If your company or school is interested in holding a TriStar Handshake Event at your company or know someone who might be please contact me at 602-575-2201 or

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