Webinar Replay: How Tech Pubs Can Develop Augmented Reality Experiences for Service

Part One: Product Overlay vs. Table Top AR

Presented by Jeff Coon

Watch Part One to learn about the differences between product overlay and table top augmented reality experiences, as well as their applications in:

  • Equipment maintenance and repair
  • Technician training
  • Owner guidance and instruction

Part Two: Develop AR-Compatible 3D Content

Presented by Julian Ferrett

Watch Part Two to explore how Creo Illustrate can help you build the content your tech pubs team will need to assemble AR experiences. Learn about:

  • Reusing CAD data to generate technical illustrations
  • Keeping illustrations up-to-date with current product changes
  • Developing part illustration sequences

Part Three: Create Service Experiences with Vuforia Studio

Presented by Scott Thompson

Watch Part Three to see how you can use 3D technical illustrations to develop rich service and operating instructions with Vuforia Studio. Develop experiences that help:

  • Owners use equipment to the best of their ability
  • Technicians solve complex service issues
  • Instructors introduce novice technicians to common service problems

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