TriStar Company Overview

TriStar was founded in 1988 on a core principle – we will serve our customers the way they want to be served.

TriStar is a company that specializes in Product Lifecycle Management (PLM).
We are a company big enough to provide the experience, expertise, resources and tools needed to help our customers succeed, yet small enough to ensure they get exactly the type of support and service they deserve.

We provide business advisory, process consulting, systems selection and implementation, as well as user adoption and training services. TriStar is also a Platinum member of the PTC Channel Advantage Program and is the largest Value Added Reseller of PTC products and services in the world. We help some of the world’s most recognized companies to operate more efficiently, achieve more profitable results and implement change by embracing PLM technology. Our approach focuses on building the right PLM foundation that integrates business strategy, processes, systems and people.

Everything we do focuses on helping our customers achieve results with PLM. Talk to our customers, learn how we have helped them become more competitive and productive through innovative PLM solutions.

PLM is what we do. We have experience across all aspects of Product Lifecycle Management, from creating the strategy, to advising on the right solution for you, to providing an implementation roadmap and training users.

Very few companies can claim they have been on the forefront of PLM for more than 20 years. At TriStar that is our passion! Our mission is to provide customers with the very best advice and expertise in choosing and implementing a PLM system.

About Us 2


Founded in 1988, TriStar has been a leader and innovator in the Engineering and Manufacturing fields since its inception.

TriStar prides itself on being Data Management Experts. PLM is a combination of Data Management, Automation and Collaboration.

Because of TriStar’s success in implementing and integrating Product Lifecycle Management as a process all of the major developers of PLM software partner with TriStar to implement, integrate and customize their various software solutions. In 2001 TriStar partnered with Parametric Technology Corporation to sell and integrate their Windchill Product line. By 2005 TriStar was the largest integrator of Windchill in the world in the Small and Medium size Business space.

“The partnership brought us the Total Solution to offer our customers” says Patrick F. Maderia, President of TriStar since 1999. “Software, Services, Support and Training as well as Staffing; we pride ourselves on being the PLM experts. When people think PLM we want them to think TriStar” Maderia added.


Who We Are

TriStar is the market leader in PLM installations.

With a strong Management Team and one of the largest staffs of Engineers and Data Management Experts in North America, we pride ourselves in making our customers processes better, faster, more efficient and less expensive than before we helped them implement PLM. We earn our customers business

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Where We’re Going

TriStar’s expertise and tenure in the market enables us to bring more value to the table than our competitors.

We don’t mind competition one bit. When you want to talk with the experts in PLM and Data Management give us a call – TriStar will scope and deliver the best Solution for your company every time – if we can’t we don’t deserve your business. Our Goal is simple – Our people are our most valuable assets. TriStar will continue to empower our employees so together they will keep TriStar in the lead in PLM Solutions and Data Management. Being the best at what we do is important to all of us at TriStar. For more information call us at (800) 800-1714 – we’re here to serve you!

It is TriStar’s mission to understand your unique business initiatives, how you design and manufacture products, and then pinpoint solutions to the problems, so your product development process can be optimized; thus, advancing you in your industry. TriStar enables businesses to efficiently develop and deliver better products and services using innovation, integrity and a commitment to excellence.
It is TriStar’s vision to uniquely serve, with best practices, more designers, engineers, small or large business owners, and any entities that will benefit greatly from our world-class services, training and products… We will combine a comprehensive set of world-class capabilities to deliver on the promise of innovation while becoming the world’s most respected provider of PLM solutions and services.

We are a diverse group of experts. 

We are a diverse group of professionals with a common set of core values that shape our culture and set us apart. At the heart of this culture is a belief in the power of innovation – both in the way we deliver services and in the products that we help clients to develop. Our values are consistent across all of our team members, and are evident in the way that we work.

We harness the power of PLM. 

We believe that innovation combined with action can change the world for the better. TriStar was one of the first companies involved in the concept of Product Lifecycle Management from our very beginning in 1988. Since that time we have continually progressed our innovative thinking in to additional Business Processes and Work Flows and are considered experts in these fields of endeavor.

We have a passion for personal development.

We do not tolerate intellectual sloth or stagnation – TriStar is the “A” Team. Continuous learning is required. We stay on the leading edge of management thinking and adapt new concepts rapidly. We genuinely care about one another’s success and work hard to help our colleagues, believing in the development of the whole person, not just the business side.

We are committed to our business partners.

We treat our business partners as if they were our customers, and bring integrity and respect to our partnerships. We go to extraordinary lengths to help each other – without keeping score – and expect the same in return from the companies and people we choose to do business with.

We value professionalism, integrity and quality.

We believe that serving our customers is a privilege and accept the responsibility to do it well. We demand unquestioned integrity from our entire team in every situation. We hire exceptional people for their professional excellence and superior performance, the “A” Team, Team – TriStar. We will suggest Products and Services based upon what’s best for you – our customer – not what we make more money on. The field of sales has evolved to truly being one of relationships and trust. You can Trust Team TriStar to put you the Customer First.