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Over half a million developers have chosen the advanced computer vision, calibrated performance and cross-platform reach of Vuforia Engine, making it the most popular AR on the planet.

Market-leading Augmented Reality Technology

Unparalleled Accuracy

Our leading Computer Vision in Vuforia Engine delivers robust and precise AR experiences in a variety of environments.

Creative Empowerment

The robust technology offered by Vuforia Engine lets developers freely build branded AR for new or existing applications.

Maximum Reach

We support AR devices such as phones, tablets and headsets across leading platforms to reach the largest audience.

Advanced Vision

Vuforia Engine offers dynamic Object Recognition and can perceive images, 3D models and environments to provide development flexibility.

Maintenance AR

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Vuforia Engine Features

Attach digital content to specific objects.

For mobile and digital eyewear devices, developers can build immersive 3D experiences with the Vuforia Engine mobile vision platform, providing award-winning performance with creative freedom and flexibility.

See the future, see it now

Vuforia Engine is bridging real and digital worlds with digital experiences that delight and astound users. And this is just the beginning. What else is possible?

Vuforia Engine 8 – Augmented Reality Just Got Smarter

Watch the replay! Learn about the newest features and functionalities of Vuforia Engine 8. In one of its most innovative releases to date, we are proud to announce the enhancement of Model Targets using Deep Learning. This intelligence allows AR applications the ability to recognize multiple models from multiple views – instantly.

In this webcast, Brad Pitser, Director, Vuforia Product Management will review all the powerful new technology available in Vuforia Engine 8 and talk about our future developments with Model Targets. This webcast will go over:

  • Model Targets with Deep Learning
  • VISLAM for more robust and stable markerless AR
  • A look at what’s coming in the future for Model Targets with Deep Learning

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