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Bypass Scale Purgatory and Unlock Your Value Potential

Virtual Event

Industry experts agree that digital transformation is a win for manufacturers, but the path to victory isn’t without its pitfalls. Studies have found that many organizations end up in “scale purgatory” where they are unable to achieve impact at scale in an agile manner. Whether an organization is an early-adopter, or they have accelerated their [...]

Create Powerful AR-Enabled Instructions That Empower Front-Line Workers

Virtual Event

Vuforia Expert Capture is the fastest and easiest way to create powerful AR-enabled instructions that empower front-line workers. Join TriStar Implementation Consultant Oscar Salas, as he discusses how Vuforia Expert Capture accelerates content creation, simplifies knowledge transfer, highlights spatial relevance and effortlessly scale expertise.   In manufacturing, service and training use cases where: ✔ There [...]

Creo 7.0 – Core Enhancements & New Extensions

Virtual Event

Learn from TriStar Sr. Application Engineer Thiagu Palaniappan, an overview of Core Enhancements and New Extensions and Technologies found in Creo 7.0 including: ✔ Sketcher ✔ Core Modeling ✔ Sheet Metal ✔ Weld Design ✔ Render ✔ Freestyle ✔ Detailing and MBD ✔ Multi-body Design   Registration Coming Soon

Introducing Creo ANSYS Simulation 7.0.2

Virtual Event

Join TriStar Sr. Application Engineer Thiagu Palaniappan, as he provides an overview on the new Creo Simulation 7.0.2 powered by Ansys. This ground-breaking technology puts Ansys AIM technology into Creo Parametric, resulting in result is real-time simulation with powerful capabilities for structural, thermal, and model analysis. Creo 7.0.2 also introduces key UI enhancements to improve [...]

Realize The Potential of Multi-CAD Collaboration

Virtual Event

Multi-CAD collaboration need not be a productivity-killer—just the opposite. Creo’s Unite technology makes it easy to work with CAD models created in other applications and saves you considerable time. Learn from TriStar Sr. Application Engineer Thiagu Palaniappan, how you can: ✔  Reduce the number of CAD platforms and the associated costs ✔  Increase engineering productivity [...]

Improve Design Productivity, Flexibility, and Usability With Multi-Body Design

Virtual Event

Learn from TriStar Sr. Application Engineer Thiagu Palaniappan, how multi-body part design concepts improves design productivity, flexibility, and usability including: ✔  Handling of distinct geometric volumes, partial operations, and improved usability ✔  Using bodies representing subtractive geometry ✔  Using Boolean and split operations with bodies acting as a design tool ✔  Flexible Modeling capabilities on [...]

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